[DA Australia] 2022 Debtors Anonymous Australia Annual Convention of DA and BDA Members (7-9 Oct 2022, depending on timezone)

Invitation from DA Australia:

Hello you!

You are invited to attend the 2022 Debtors Anonymous Australia Annual Convention of DA and BDA Members. Even if you’re not a member of DA or BDA you’re also welcome to attend:

Recovery: A New Way To Financial Freedom
Friday 7 October, 8 Saturday, 9 Sunday 2022

– depending on your timezone – [Start time is Friday Oct 7th @ 4 PM EDT]

This is a two day special event of experience, strength and hope around recovery from compulsive debting, within a well-established 12 Step Fellowship context.

It will be notably different to typical conference style events that feature popular influencers, renown public speakers or thought leaders, as all attendees remain anonymous as part of our Fellowship.

Strong DA Speakers will be sharing their personal experiences of recovery from a baffling and powerful spiritual disease.

  • There are 3 separate ‘Gatherings’ of 4 sessions, each day
  • Most sessions have either Q&A or sharing by participants
  • Day 1 includes a 2hr Step Study Review session
  • Day 2 includes a 2hr session devoted to private PRGs using breakout rooms

If you have any questions or would like yourself or someone you know to receive information to understand what the Fellowship is and what it’s results are, please email your contact details to debtorsanonymousaustralia@gmail.com.

In the meantime, please forward this message to anyone you feel may be interested. If you are already a Member and available to be a speaker, tech host or MC for part of the Conference, please let us know ASAP!

For further information, visit the DA Australia website.