Call for Submissions: Debtors Anonymous Basic Text

The GSB Literature Publications and Literature Services Committees are asking D.A. members to submit their recovery stories for possible inclusion in the “Member Stories” section of the Basic Text of Debtors Anonymous.

Our hope is that the recovery stories will reflect a rich variety and range of experiences in Debtors Anonymous:

  • Authors will need to identify as “debtors” or “compulsive debtors” in order to be consistent with D.A.’s primary focus, which is to not incur any new unsecured debt
  • Members are welcome to identify and highlight symptoms of debting in their personal stories (underearning and compulsive spending, for example)
  • To reach as many still-suffering debtors as possible, we are seeking stories from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This could include touching on aspects of: 
  • Exhibiting the “Twelve Signs of Compulsive Debting” behaviors
  • Growing up in extreme wealth or poverty
  • Recovering in a couple (one or both are in D.A.)
  • Raising a family as a debtor
  • Debting outside the U.S. (e.g., countries where mobile phones are credit cards)
  • Experiencing synchronicity in recovery (e.g., working Step 9 and   running into past acquaintances to whom you owe amends)
  • Experiencing miracles in recovery (e.g., debting behaviors lifted)
  • Similarly, members from underrepresented populations (e.g., BIPOC, TGI, LGBTQIA+, disability, etc.) are invited to include this part of their identity if they feel comfortable doing so.

Please send submissions in editable text format only (not PDF) with a suggested maximum length of 2,500 words. If you are unable to send your story due to technical, language, disability, or other considerations, please email us and we will work with you to accommodate your needs.

You must include a signed and dated Assignment of Rights release form with your story (available at and submit by email only to:

Please include your full name, phone number, and mailing and email addresses.

All personal information will be kept confidential.

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