Safety in Debtors Anonymous: Fellowship-wide Call, June 4

Addressing Issues of Disruptive Behavior, Individual Harassment, and All Forms of Discrimination

A fellowship-wide call with shares outlining best practices on how difficult situations have been handled at meetings and within the fellowship. Spotlight on the D.A. Safety Guidelines and Q&A to follow.

“Individual recovery from compulsive spending and debting depends on meetings being safe places to explore and develop our spiritual life with other recovering debtors to provide support.”

— D.A. Safety Guidelines* —

Download the Safety Guidelines here

Sunday, June 4, 2023 10AM-11:30AM PT, 1PM-2:30PM ET, 6PM-7:30PM BST

Call-in: +1 (605) 472-5540 Access Code: 617093#

International phone numbers and online access are available at
Online Meeting ID: darecovery1

Download flyer here

Debtors Anonymous Traditions Workshops, June 2 to 4

Join Debtors around the world to study the Traditions in English, Spanish or Russian in any of four concurrent workshops.

Saturday, June 3 to Sunday, June 4 (except in West Coast / Pacific Time Zone where workshops run Friday June 2 to Saturday June 3).

Go through all D.A. Traditions in one weekend!

Check out the flyer here.


Zoom Webinar: DA members and the media (May 27th, noon to 1:30 pm EDT)

How Should Members of D.A. Interact with the Media? Come and find out at this webinar!

The presentation utilizes the Traditions to provide guidelines and criteria for media interviews, requests and written materials.

Online event (Zoom), on May 27th, 2023, 12:00 to 1:30 pm EDT. See the poster for more details.

Celebrating the wealth of DA literature: May 20th (phone bridge call)

All you ever wanted to know about D.A. literature and more! Speakers will share history,stories, and a Q&A on the rich history of our literature tradition and our vision for the future. A 90-min event on May 20th, 2023, starting at 1:00 pm EDT.

This event is a Debtors Anonymous Fellowship-Wide call (i.e., a telephone event). See the poster for details on how to connect, and go to for info on international (outside of North America) and on-line access.

Call for Submissions: Black Voices In D.A.


D.A. is preparing a pamphlet in the “Voices” series in which Black members can tell their stories of recovery.

You are invited to submit your story.

At the 2019 World Service Conference in Los Angeles, the Convocation passed a motion to approve the concept of developing a pamphlet entitled “D.A. Voices from the Black Community.” Its mission statement is to “Give voice to the voiceless by bringing the message of D.A. to the black debtor who still suffers.”

Our hope is that these recovery stories by Black D.A.members will help to reflect a diversity of paths to a serene and solvent recovery. This is our Step-12 work as a fellowship: helping to make D.A. more inclusive by carrying the message to the debtor who still suffers. We welcome the experience, strength and hope from black members throughout the world.

Guidelines for submitting your story

You may want to address some of the following points:

  • What was your life like before D.A.?
  • What brought you into the program?
  • What was your experience coming into D.A.?
  • What are your experiences with incurring unsecured debt with earning?
  • What have been your challenges in recovery?
  • How has D.A. changed your life?
  • How have you used D.A.’s tools and steps to remain solvent and to have an abundant and prosperous life?

Your submission should observe D.A. ‘s Twelve Traditions and be written in the first person: ‘When I first came to D.A. ….’ Submissions will be anonymised for the final publication. The D.A. GSB reserves the right to edit your work where necessary.


Click here to download flyer.

Call For Submissions: Solvency in Retirement

Call for Submissions:

Voices of Recovery: Solvency in Retirement pamphlet

The WSC Literature Committee invites members to submit D.A. recovery stories for possible inclusion in the Voices of Recovery: Solvency in Retirement pamphlet. Submissions should be approximately 1000 words.

While sharing your story, you may want to address some of the following points:

  • What does retirement mean to you?
  • Do you have a vision for retirement?
  • Are you someone living a vision in retirement?
  • What have been your challenges in taking the financial leap into retirement?
  • How have you used D.A.’s tools and steps to remain solvent in retirement, for example, by taking part-time employment.

Our hope is that these recovery stories by D.A. members reflect a diversity of paths towards a serene and solvent retirement. We welcome experience, strength and hope from all walks of life throughout the world, including a special invitation to underserved voices.

  • Submitters will need to identify as “compulsive debtors” or “debtors” to be consistent with D.A.’s primary purpose, which is to “not incur unsecured debt.”
  • Members are encouraged to identify and highlight symptoms of debting in their personal stories (underearning and compulsive spending, for example).

Your submission should observe D.A.’s Twelve Traditions and be written in the first person: ‘When I first came to D.A. ….’ Submissions will be anonymised for the final publication.

The D.A. GSB reserves the right to edit your work where necessary.

Please include your full name and your mailing and email addresses. All personal information will be kept confidential. Please share this information with other members and at meetings.

Download flyer here.

Info Sessions about WSC 2024 Ottawa Host Committee (15 & 18 April 2023)

Two info sessions will be held over Zoom to provide information about the Host Committee for the 2024 DA World Service Conference, which will be held in Ottawa. The info sessions will help people understand what the Host Committee does, and how people can volunteer to help make the WSC 2024 a success. The sessions will take place on 15 & 18 April 2023. For more information (including Zoom links) please see the previous post about the info sessions.

2024 World Service Conference in Ottawa — Volunteers Needed

2024 D.A. WSC Host Committee Info Sessions

Call for volunteers

The General Service Board (GSB) of Debtors Anonymous (D.A.) has selected Ottawa as the host location for the 2024 World Service Conference (WSC). A Host Committee needs to be formed to support this conference and to help plan the behind the scenes activities. There are various roles in this Committee which will be reviewed during the calls.

Find out more

The GSB will be holding two informational meetings on Zoom for individuals who would like to find out more of the volunteer positions available. These will occur on Saturday, 15 April at 1 p.m. EDT and on Tuesday, 18 April at 8 p.m. EDT. Each call will cover the same content.

2024 D.A. WSC Host Committee Info Sessions


Call 1: Saturday 15 April, 2023 at 1 p.m. EDT

Call 2: Tuesday 18 April, 2023 at 8 p.m. EDT

Zoom ID: 851 888 7121

For the Zoom passcode and further info, please see this flyer.

About the Conference

The World Service Conference (WSC) of Debtors Anonymous is the annual meeting of all worldwide General Service. Representatives (GSRs), Intergroup Service Representatives (ISRs), and General Service Board (GSB) Trustees.

These trusted fellows are committed to providing service to Debtors Anonymous at the World Service Conference committee level in order to best advance the good of the Fellowship of Debtors Anonymous.

The representatives who attend are elected by their local groups or intergroups.

The WSC allows for discussion, the debate of recommendations and voting on motions.

2024 D.A. WSC Host Committee Info Sessions

Conference Details

Location: The Brookstreet Hotel and Conference Centre, Kanata (Ottawa), ON

Dates: Wednesday to Sunday, 7-11 August 2024.

Invitation from San Diego DA: 2 Special Events in March (March 5th and March 25th)

The San Diego DA community is hosting 2 workshops this month. Please announce and / or attend. We appreciate your supporting us in this way. (Note the Zoom IDs are different as are the starting times).

  • March 5th (12:00 – 1:30 pm Pacific Time): WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A DA INTERGROUP?

Hosted by Ocean Beach DA group 

There will be 4 Speakers sharing on this topic. 

Zoom ID 616 149 8468

For the Zoom password and further info, please see this flyer.

  • March 25th (11:30 – 1:30 Pacific Time): THE ART OF NEGOTIATION: Having Normal Discussions about Money.

Hosted by San Diego DA Intergroup

There will be 4 Speakers sharing on this topic: Marian (Morro Bay), Roxanne (Minneapolis), Eddie (San Diego) & Joy (Nashville). 

Zoom ID 396 583 3455 

For the Zoom password and further info, please see this flyer.

[UPDATE] Meet the GSB/Rencontrez le CSG (Sat 25 Feb 2023, in-person event)

Hello all: please see this updated poster for this in-person event in Toronto on 25 Feb 2023, 4-7 pm EST (poster includes an announcement in French / l’affiche contient des renseignements en français).

This is an opportunity to meet the General Service Board of DA in person. In addition to the official event itself, there will be a chance to socialize afterwards. A reservation has been made at the Denny’s at 121 Dundas St W. (about a five-minute walk away from the meeting space) that will allow for a variety of price points (just a coffee to a full meal) for those who wish to join us afterwards.

Hard-copy DA literature (books and pamphlets) will be available for sale at the event.

For more info, contact Roger at